Long Term Project

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The spirit of Liċeo Mikiel Anton Vassalli is still alive within us, alumni of this ex-Junior Lyceum. This can be easily noted during the number of reunions organised, as well in our everyday life when we meet with other people and more often than not, one of the first questions is always, “Where you at tal-Ħandaq, by any chance?” 

Such sentiment transcends a passion that is still glowing, and it is in this spirit that the organisational committee is hereby suggesting a long-term project; a Voluntary Organisation (VO) in the form of a foundation.

The aim of the foundation is multi-fold, but two particular targets are to be set at inception:

  1. The first is that of instilling and promoting educational progress amongst the new generation of students. The intention is to achieve this through  sponsorships of innovative programmes that are not in the national curricula  and which serve to augment the students’ formation through their schooling. These may include; sponsoring of educational aids, tools or facilities, the organisation of seminars to introduce the students to particular paths, etc. The additional support that is planned is, in reality, a continuation and extension of the advantages Liċeo Vassalli alumni themselves enjoyed as students as far back as the Testa administration.
  2. Keeping the spirit of camaraderie of the Liċeo Vassalli alumni alive through events that see us keep in contact, remembering the old times as well as friends that have gone to a better life.

In order to do this we need to organise ourselves better and also register a Foundation under the Voluntary Organisations Act 2007 (Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta). Initiatives towards the chartering of the foundation need to be supported with specific tasks and resources. The aim is to organise a maximum of two to three events per year, varying between educational and social events. It is not our intention to have these take a lot of time out of our life and work, we all know well enough how taxing juggling work and life commitments is.

As part of the application for a VO, the assistance of a warranted Auditor and a Data Protection Officer (DPO) are needed. The Auditor is required to assist in signing-off on the accounts, the 2022 accounts (already), while the DPO is required to assist with the methodology in the holding of information (mostly contact details) of the Alumni and ex-Teachers.